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✓Iran enjoys a large pool of trained and efficient manpower at competitive costs with an extensive industrial base and service sector

✓Iran is located at the heart of a cross road connecting the Middle East, Europe & Asia. Because of Iran’s unique geographic location, Iran has access routes to more than 300 million inhabitants in neighboring countries that are within close proximity

 ✓Iran holds an abundant amount of varied natural resources, ranging from oil and gas to metallic and non-metallic commodities. Iran holds vast potential in the mining and accessibility of raw materials

✓Iran has a highly developed infrastructure across the nation in the areas of telecommunication, power, water, roads and railways. In addition to its developed infrastructure, Iran provides low utility and production costs in energy, telecommunications and logistics. This adds value and further drives economic activity domestically.

✓Iran is committed to further developing its maturing and evolving financial markets. In 2004, Iran launched the Iran Mercantile Exchange, which offers metals & minerals such as steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, gold and nickel; agricultural products and petrochemicals and oil derivative commodities.

✓Iran has over 68 minerals, with 37 billion tones of proven reserves with an upside of 57 billion tones of potential reserves. The metals and minerals sector is vast with plenty of potential.

✓Iran holds world’s 9th largest Iron reserves

✓Iran aims to be one of the world’s main steel exporters by 2016, ending the Fifth Five-Year Economic Development Plan

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